Glossary of common terms


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Here's a quick list of all the terms you may see in Visualist and what they mean.

  1. Block: Any single piece of item that you add to or create in Visualist. Learn all about them here: New to Visualist.
  2. Set: A type of block. Sets can be moodboards, collages, presentations, reports - it's whatever you make it to be.
  3. Library: Your personal bank, archive, or storage of everything you've got in Visualist.
  4. Studio: Make, edit or create sets in the Studio on an infinity canvas.
  5. Boards: A board is the top-level organisational tool. Clip your blocks to boards to get going. Learn more here: Understanding boards.
  6. Sticky (or stickies): A text comment or voice note that you leave on a block. Learn more here: Understanding stickies.

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