Understanding stickies


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What are stickies

Stickies are notes/comments you can leave for yourself or your team. We find they're particularly helpful for jotting down quick thoughts or providing context, like 'Love this rug, but in a different color'.

Drop sticky pins anywhere you wish to add a note on your block - you'll soon be able to attach them to your boards!

See how to add stickies here: Dropping stickies on a block.

Privacy settings for your stickies

You can make your stickies private (for your eyes only) or public (shared with anyone who can see the block, e.g., your team).

Visualist automatically sets new stickies as public.

Toggle to change a sticky's privacy settings.

Replying to stickies

Keep track of your discussions in threads. Reply to any stickies, including your own.

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