What is set.new?


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set.new is your shortcut to making sets.

No signup, no login required.

What you'll see is a 'lite' version of our Studio in Visualist.

You can:

  • Make sets
  • Upload images
  • Edit and crop images
  • Remove background (of course)
  • Get auto-generated colour palettes
  • Tidy up automatically (see Tidy up)
  • Add stickies
  • Share your sets with others (see Sharing sets)

You can't:

  • Edit your sets after you've exited the session
  • Add tags
  • Clip to your boards
  • Add images from your Library

If you want these extra features, it's easy. Just sign up or log in for the full experience.

Note: Sets created on set.new last for 14 days only. Perfect if you're making sets that don't need to last.

But if you do, add the set to your account and keep it forever. See:

See how to create sets at Creating set blocks.

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