Searching by colour


Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Run colour searches and find blocks based on their colour.

We're retrieving blocks that contain colour swatches corresponding to the colour you've searched for.

See Adding and changing colour swatches to learn more about colour swatches and how to add your own.

Search using colour names

Select one or more colour names to start your search.

Search by HEX codes

Type in a HEX code (or more) and see only the blocks that contain that HEX code.

Colour range search

Pick a colour and search your library for all the blocks containing that colour. 

Search by colour shades

Want to get more specific? After you've picked a colour range, specify a shade to look for. 

Mix it up

Try combining HEX codes with colour names, or colour names with colour shades. When you combine different ways to search for colours, we'll return blocks that contain any of these colours.

See How can I combine colour search with my advanced search and tag to supercharge your search.

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